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  1. Privacy policy

      1. In the interest of preserving the right to the privacy of our service users and to comply with the legal requirements, DEKO EKO publishes a document in which it explains and provides information on the manner in which data provided by Users are collected, processed and secured.
      2. The administrator of personal data within the meaning of the EU GDPR  regulation is DEKO EKO sp. z o.o. (hereinafter DEKO EKO)  registered in Kraków (30-018), street  J. Slowackiego 44/5. DEKO EKO processes personal data in accordance with the user’s consent and in accordance with applicable law, including the GDPR, Polish Act on the Protection of PII and the Act of the Provision of Electronic Services.
    2. USER DATA
      1. Data provided by Users is collected and processed by the Administrator in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the privacy policy and terms and conditions.
      2. Users’ data is collected via the online website, e-mail correspondence and they are also stored automatically when using the website (cookies).
      3. Providing data is voluntary, but it is necessary for successful transaction via the website or to set up a seller’s profile.
      4. DEKO EKO provides its users with the possibility of using the website in an anonymous way, but in order to get full access to content and services offered through the website, certain data is required:
        • Seller  – when registering the seller’s profile on the DEKO EKO website, the user will be asked to provide the name (in the case of natural persons), company or brand name, email address, phone number, website address on the social network, and in the next steps of registration also the bank account number for transactional purposes , NIP number (in the case of entities running a business) and accurate address data. These data is also used to promote the products offered by the Sellers and to make settlements with the owner of DEKO EKO.
        • Buyer – A user who purchases products offered by the Seller on DEKO EKO will be required to provide: first name, e-mail address, contact telephone number, shipping address. The administrator will also process the history of orders placed by the buyer, but no longer than local financial regulation requires.
      5. DEKO EKO collects information on the interaction with the service and services, including: computer information and login. system logs containing the date, time of the visit and the IP number of the computer from which the call was made, and data on the statistics of website visits, traffic to and from individual websites. The above activities are aimed at improving the website and adapting it to the User’s needs.
      6. Users’ personal data is collected in order to enable Users to conduct a purchase and sale transaction via the DEKO EKO website. If the user provided an email address and consented to sending correspondence electronically, the data will be used to send promotional offers and information in the form of a newsletter.
      7. The User is obliged not to disclose to third parties information about other Users, which he received in connection with the use of the Website, unless he obtained prior consent from the User whose data concern. Information received through the Website may be used only for purposes related to the transaction and execution of contracts concluded as a result of the transaction.
      8. In order to execute and handle orders, the Administrator provides the Seller with the personal data of the Buyer, necessary for the proper implementation of the purchase process.
      9. If the buyer chooses a shipment of goods via a courier company – the operator of the service will provide the courier company with data on both sides of the transaction in order to allow collection and delivery of the product. The operator of the service will provide the courier company with the following data: name and surname of the sender / recipient or company name, correspondence address, telephone number indicated by the sender / recipient.
      10. Users’ data may be made available to state authorities entitled to receive them under applicable law and, in the event of non-payment of amounts due to the Administrator, entities conducting proceedings related to the recovery of receivables on their behalf.
      11. The administrator provides Users the opportunity to correct, transfer or delete PII from the data set. In order to change or delete data, the User should send to the Administrator (dpo@dekoeko.pl) an appropriate statement in electronic form or in writing.
      12. Removal of a User’s account at his request may not take place earlier than within 30 days from the date of conclusion of the last transaction on the Website by the User.
      13. The User may, at any time, opt out of receiving marketing messages from the operator or prohibit the transfer of his personal data to third parties (courier companies), unless the prohibition will apply to the transaction. The decision to resign should be handed over to the DEKO EKO operator by e-mail (office@dekoeko.pl or dpo@dekoeko.pl) or a traditional letter. The resignation will be taken into account by the Administrator as soon as possible after its receipt.
      14. Data retention –  personal data will be processed until the Buyer requests them to be removed, unless it is necessary to keep some or all of the data for a longer, justified period of time to fulfill DEKO EKO’s obligations or to use DEKO EKO’s rights, in which case the data will be deleted immediately after the expiration of this period (eg upon expiration of warranty, guarantee or limitation periods for claims which expire in principle not later than within 6 years from the conclusion of the sales contract).
      15. PII of Buyers and Sellers may be transferred to third parties. List of sub-processors can be found in last page of Security White Paper.
      16. Data subject rights– the Users has the right to access their personal data and request their rectification, deletion or limitation of processing, as well as the right to object, demand the cessation of processing and the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body, which is the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection personal data violates the provisions of the EU RODO Regulation.
        – Providing data by the User is voluntary, but necessary for concluding sales contracts through the DEKO EKO website or receiving a newsletter.
        – In relation to the Users’ personal data, decisions will not be taken in an automated manner.
    3. COOKIES
      1. The website uses a „cookies” mechanism to better adapt it to the needs of users. „Cookies” files are small files saved on the user’s end device, used to identify the User’s browser while using our website. By means of „cookies”, statistical information is provided to the Administrator about user traffic, user activity, and how the website is used. They allow you to customize the content to the user’s preferences and remember the navigation settings.
      2. DEKO EKO uses Google Analytics tools to monitor users’ activities on the site for statistical purposes. In this case, „cookies” are used to store information, eg about the time of commencement of current visits of the user and whether the user has already been on this site and from which site he came to the website administered by DEKO EKO.
      3. The administrator informs that other companies, as a result of displaying advertisements on the site managed by DEKO EKO, may place their „cookies” on them and read them in user browsers or use other mechanisms (eg „web beacon” – digital image placed in the page code) used to collect information about user activity.
      4. The content of „cookies” and „web beacons” does not allow the identification of users, using them are not processed and stored personal data. Most „cookie” files are so-called session cookies that are automatically removed from the hard disk after the session (that is, after logging out or closing the browser window), some of them allow you to identify the user when you visit the site again – they are not automatically deleted, they are saved on the end device .
      5. At any time, the User may disable cookies in his browser, but the effect of such changes may be difficulties related to the services provided through the website. Each of the web browsers available on the market has the ability to manage „cookies”, so if the user decides to disable the use of „cookies” should first of all familiarize yourself with the way of managing „cookies” placed in the help of your browser.
      6. The user can configure the browser he uses in such a way that he rejects all „cookie” files; did not delete „cookies”, or sent notifications when such files are sent from the server. The user may, after completing a visit to the site, delete temporary files placed on the terminal device during a given session. Methods of blocking the acceptance of „cookie”
        files described by the producers. Blocking the acceptance of „cookie” files in Firefox. 
        Blocking the acceptance of „cookie” files in Internet Explorer. 
        Blocking the acceptance of cookies in Chrome. 
        Blocking the acceptance of cookies in Safari
      1. In the footer of the website, the Administrator undertakes to maintain the current version of the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Security White Paper.

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